Backer Update #1: Updated Production and Shipping Timeline

Dear Backers,

Thank you all for waiting patiently for our first official backer update. Without further ado, let’s jump right in to the exciting details!

All surveys has been sent out! If you think you might have missed a survey email, please log in to your Kickstarter account to check — you’ll see a yellow notification bar at the top of the site for any missed surveys. Once you complete a survey, you’ll receive an email confirmation that includes a copy of your responses (if you don’t receive your email confirmation, make sure to double check your email address in Kickstarter’s system).

Manufacturing and Production Timeline 
As most of you know, we began our manufacturing process (stock preparation, molding, tooling, and software development) during our two-month campaign period without external funds and resources. During this period, we almost depleted our own savings. Thus, the Kickstarter funds were crucial to complete manufacture and production.

Last week (two weeks after campaign ended), the Kickstarter funds finally arrived in our bank account, and we immediately started our first mold trial. Most of our molds are complete and we are just making small revisions and improvements to ensure the best quality of production.